Oct. 19-21, 2018 was a very special Beta Homecoming Reunion for all Alpha alumni, family and friends as we celebrated 100 years at 200 E. High St. and the grand reopening of our restored Chapter House and Alpha Chapter. We had much to celebrate!
Highlights of the weekend included: The Alpha Dragon Golf Classic; Forever Alpha Donor Wall unveiling; campus/house tours; Great Beta barbecue luncheon; time capsule dedication; tours of the administrative office/museum; singing, singing and, of course, more singing; campus and uptown activities; and reminiscing about the best of times. Beta sweethearts, families and friends were all invited to join in the festivities.

Forever Alpha Campaign Goal: $4,000,000

In 4th quarter of 2014, Alpha Chapter House Company hired Pennington & Co. to conduct a feasibility study to determine the potential and viability of conducting a successful major capital campaign. The results clearly showed this project was important to our alumni and a campaign would be supported. Pennington & Co. was hired in Oct. 2015 to help us conduct the largest capital campaign in the Alpha Chapter's history. A Forever Alpha Campaign Board was formed which comprised 15 board members to identify and solicit 100-150 alumni capable of making major gifts of $25,000 or more. In March of 2017, we announced the public phase of the Forever Alpha Campaign with the help of an extensive network of era and class leader volunteers.

Currently, we have received over $2,550,000 in pledges from 121 alumni to the Forever Alpha Campaign which represents 63.75% of our $4,000,000 goal. As we begin the public phase of our campaign, our goal is to reach out to all 1,600+ alumni and to give every living Alpha Beta the opportunity to participate in the campaign by making a 5-year pledge to the campaign and/or volunteering their time to support campaign as an era or class leader to ensure that we can reach out to every one of our 1,600+ alumni. To support the public phase of the campaign, Mitch Rales '78 has made challenge gift by agreeing match 20% of the next $1,000,000 of pledges made after March 1, 2017.

The Alpha Chapter has formed a partnership with the Miami University Foundation in support of the Forever Alpha Campaign which will allow our alumni to make a gift through Miami University Foundation to the Forever Alpha Campaign which will be 100% tax deductible and will also count towards your lifetime giving to Miami University.

We are asking all our alumni to consider making a 5-year pledge to the Forever Alpha Campaign. Five year pledges of $5,000 or more will be recognized on a prominently displayed plaque in our new home. We encourage all alumni to make a pledge no matter how large or small do help us reach our campaign goal of $4,000,000.

The most important learning experience I had in my years at Miami happened at 200 East High Street.”
– Mitch Rales ’78
Beta is a fraternity built on the notion that although our men will make mistakes – as we all do – we will return to our values and allow the Beta stars to guide our way. Just as in the early 2000s, the Men of Principle initiative will once again be the guidepost for Beta’s return; however, we know that we need to make some adjustments in the plan to support and execute its philosophies.

For instance, many of our alumni don’t realize that for the last 15 years, the chapter did not have a meal program at the house nor a house mom/house director overseeing the property. These are two of the early recommendations on the chapter’s new culture. Many new changes include:
Meal Program

Meal Program

Will provide men with quality food at a convenient location, but more importantly, it will help build a better culture among brothers.
Meal Program

House Director

An adult living in the chapter house will provide guidance, risk management, and be responsible for the general condition of the property. They will oversee move-in/move-out and have several housing administrative tasks.
Meal Program

Improved Chapter House

Men will be excited to live in the chapter house and will have tremendous pride in the facility. As our members are competing to be the best fraternity on campus, our chapter house should be competitive as well.
Meal Program

Colony Development Coordinator

A professional (Beta staff member) is overseeing recruitment and culture implementation as the chapter restarts. Finding the right men will take a lot of work, so having a paid staff member solely dedicated to this project is an investment well worth making.
Meal Program

Honor Code

Every member will sign an honor code outlining clear expectations of membership and behavior BEFORE HE JOINS BETA THETA PI.
Meal Program

Leadership Coaching

Enlist professional assistance to provide frequent coaching opportunities to help members explore self-leadership, chapter culture, and ongoing sustainability. Establish an alumni mentoring program that includes alumni panel session and helps with career networking.
Meal Program

Miami University Support

Miami University wants Alpha Chapter to extend our legacy of leadership and involvement that has molded the university and Beta Theta Pi since 1839.
Meal Program

Alumni Engagement

Once a Beta, Always a Beta, Everywhere a Beta. The Alpha Chapter will have an increased presence on social media while facilitating alumni gatherings in major cities and in Oxford around Alumni Weekend, Homecoming, and other special events.
Meal Program

Annual Reviews/Metrics

Both the chapter as a whole and each member will go through an annual review to make sure each is on track with projected progressions. Metrics need to be established that go far beyond GPA, chapter size, and sports trophies. Chapter culture needs to be more important, even if it is qualitative data.
Meal Program

New House Company Members and Officers

As of fall 2016, the House Company has refreshed its membership and includes seven new board members from three different decades.
Meal Program

Clearly Defined Roles

The roles of the House Company, Advisory Team, and General Fraternity officers will be separate and clearly delineated. We shouldn’t have the General Fraternity staff members as the only advisors for the chapter, if at all.
Meal Program

Shared Governance

Students will have ex-officio representatives on House Company Board to ensure their voice is represented in House Company decisions. Students will also maintain a regular Eye of Wooglin practice for constructive feedback and personal accountability.
“At first I thought fraternities had lost their relevance, but now I believe they may be more relevant than ever. When we were pledges, we were taught to be your brother’s keeper. Those brothers are not just those of the four years you were at Miami. We are our brother’s keepers of the young men today.”
– Mark Stephan ’80

Ensuring the success of our beloved chapter, both from a cultural and structural perspective, is a task that must not be taken lightly. We are at a crossroads, a time to decide what Beta can and will be. This is an opportunity to grab hold of the years of history, leadership, and brotherhood that we all cherish and ensure those opportunities will still be available to the next generation of young men at Miami.

Remember that each of us benefited from the generosity, work, and sacrifice of those who went before us. We all enjoyed the comfort and brotherhood Beta provided during our years in Oxford and after we left campus. Now it is our turn to repay the fraternity, ensuring that the same wonderful experience is available to others.

With a total project cost of nearly $6 million, our pro forma numbers indicate we can achieve success if we raise $4 million from our alumni. More than $4 million would be wonderful as it reduces long-term debt; however, this is minimum amount necessary to ensure Alpha Chapter’s bright future.

Thanks to a recent partnership with Miami University, gifts to the Forever Alpha Campaign can now be made through the Miami University Foundation, giving Alpha Chapter alumni a tax-deductible option for their gift, while ensuring 100% of the gift still goes to the Forever Alpha project. This partnership has already enabled many of our alumni to stretch their giving, knowing they can deduct their charitable gift to the maximum amount allowed by law.

We urge your thoughtful consideration of this plan. With your support, Alpha will provide a safe and competitive living environment that supports, nurtures, and builds outstanding young men with the skills and confidence to lead in an ever-changing world. Many men have sacrificed their time, pleasures, and comfort for the legacy Beta Theta Pi has left on individuals, at Miami University, and within communities near and far. The investment we make today cannot be underestimated—it will have a far-reaching effect on the lives our Beta brothers for years to come.

You are the only one who can place a value on your Beta membership — on the lifelong friendships you made, on the development of your values and principles, and on the many ways Beta Theta Pi enhanced your years in Oxford. With your assistance, Beta Theta Pi can once again play a major role in the lives of the hundreds of talented young men who will join our fraternity.


“‘The first mark of a Beta will be his Beta Spirit.’ – Willis O. Robb, Ohio Wesleyan 1879”


After a tragic accident and his long and determined recovery, Mark Stephan, Miami '80, demonstrated his "Beta Spirit" in the video entitled "An Accidental Hero" where he was joined by 21 of his Beta Brothers during his 3129-mile bike ride across the United States to raise money for the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago, who were instrumental in his remarkable recovery.

There are one of following two ways you can get involved in the Forever Alpha Campaign:

Donate to the Forever Alpha Campaign (100% tax deductible through the Miami University Foundation)

– or –
Volunteer your time and serve as a:
  • Class Leader for your class for the campaign: Jeff Netwon, at: 925.698.5633; or via email at: newton1609@yahoo.com
  • Chapter Advisor to our undergraduate chapter: contact the Chapter Counselor, Eric Buller at: 845.239.3791; or via email at: bullere@miamioh.edu
  • Board Member of the Alpha Chapter House Company: contact the House Company President, Pete Barnhart, at: 614.915.5203; or via email at: pwcbbanana@gmail.com